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Illustration of our environmental approach

The ecological approach was little supported by the public authorities and communities, but for our renovations, we wanted to make certain gestures in favour of the environment.

In the Pigeonnier, we chose solid wood and most of the time local wood: oak to redo all the beams of the two floors. We chose not to insulate the walls and to redo all the interior and exterior plastering with Loire sand, natural lime and ochre from Saint Amand en Puisaye for the colour. Our choice of heating system was a pellet stove which allows the glow of the flame in the kitchen and gradually spreads its heat throughout the building.

In the summer, we recommend opening the small windows in the bedroom and living room at night to cool the rooms naturally. We have deliberately chosen not to install an air conditioning system so as not to worsen our carbon footprint. Similarly, when leaving the Pigeonnier during the day, drawing the curtains behind the doors keeps the interior significantly cooler. The walls are thick enough to keep a pleasant temperature if you follow these few guidelines.

We favour, as much as possible, the recycling of old objects and furniture.

Finally, we try to use low-energy light bulbs as much as possible. The sorting of household waste is encouraged. During your stay, you can also compost all your organic waste in a bin on the terrace behind the building.