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For decades, even centuries, peasants, farmers, herders have lived here with their animals.

We have chosen to renovate this part of the farmhouse entirely, leaving it with traces of the past. At the Farm you will have access to a large south-facing garden and the guarantee of perfect tranquility.

The estate, traces of which can be found in acts from the 16th century, has retained, through architectural details, the charm of old rural residences: thick walls, low ceilings, narrow openings. The renovation brought brightness through the colors and the materials but the structural work was not modified; where there is an opening, there was an opening. Modernism blends with authenticity.

Price: from € 100 per night for 6 people

With 120 m² in total and three bedrooms, the Farm is a very economical solution for a week's stay. Minimum rental is two days

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